Jay's Photos - Series 1

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This is me. One of my Mama's favorite photos.

Just kickin' back and relaxin'. Mummy and Daddy call this the "Cruisewear" blanket.

I'm a workout fanatic, and I love to stretch. I usually stretch in my sleep as well as when I'm awake.

Early morning at first light, I'm showing off my profile.

Takin' a snooze, don't I have a winning smile? The nice ladies at the hospital knitted me this hat. Papa thinks it looks like a Mongolian hat.

Listening to Mummy read "Bartholomew Cubbins" with Riley the Cat. I don't know what to make of Riley yet, and he doesn't know what to make of me. But we'll get along I'm sure. Riley obviously likes stories.

Did you know that Bartholomew Cubbins has 500 hats? At least according to the story. That's a lot of hats. I only have four hats, but since I am only one week old as I write this, Papa has calculated that if my Hat Acquisition Rate stays constant, I will have accumulated 500 hats by September of 2005, when I will be 2 1/2.

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