Jay's Photos - Series 5

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All dressed up, and no place to go. This is me hangin' in my crib.

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

Gettin' ready to pitch in on the back 40. I've got my yellow socks on, and I'm ready for anything.

A little spot of dancing with mummy.

I can hold my bottle all by myself now. For a little while. If I feel like it. And mummy or daddy put the bottle in my hands just right.

Grandpa and Memere came for a visit and we had lots of fun. This is me and Grandpa having a talk.

Grandpa is finding out I'm ticklish.

Grandpa and Memere and Memere's parents got me this lovely chair, which is my favourite place to sit.

See what I mean? 10 days later, and I can't get enough of this chair.

Puttin' up my dukes, gettin' ready to rumble.

I've been having a serious problem with my hairstyle lately, but everyone tells me I shouldn't get it cut.

My new favourite games... knees-up, sitting up, and rolling side-to-side.

I'm excited about something, but I can't remember what!

I'm telling mummy a story, but she's not listening.

If I look a little panicked, it may be because I get tired of posing for pictures!

I smile all the time now. I guess I have a lot to smile about, especially with all the people who care for me. Like you... thanks for coming to visit me!

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Last modified December 31, 2003 by Craig Burley.