Jay's Photos - Series 6

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Shhhhh!! I'm getting my beauty sleep.

Oohhhh... did I drift off somehow? Is it time to eat yet? Let me wake up first. You can see how I pull my socks off in my sleep.

I really like summer, sitting outside on the balcony is nice. You can see Mummy holding me back, I'm ready to go charging around!

At the kitchen table, waiting for the dinner bell to ring.

Here I am with one of my new favourite friends, a yellow duck that quacks some of my favourite songs.

My new favourite trick is sticking out my tongue... this never fails to put Mummy and Daddy in hysterics.

Time for bed, and it's time for me to go now. I'll make sure Daddy takes more pictures for all of you, real soon. Bye-bye!

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Last modified December 31, 2003 by Craig Burley.