Jay's Photos - Series 7

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We're on the way to the toy store. Are we there yet?

Still on the way there.

We're on the way back now, and I have a new friend, Boris the Beaver. He's soft and obviously good to chew.

On the way back. Daddy likes taking pictures of me in my carseat because I can't move and wriggle, I'm strapped in!

Gimme a "J"! Gimme an "A"! Gimme a "Y"! What's that spell? No, seriously, what does that spell?

I'm in my exersaucer, waiting for dinner. This is my favourite new toy.

Dinner time! I'm halfway through my cereal, and my cereal is halfway over me. Rice cereal is my new favourite food and I eat big bowls of it twice a day... I love it! Plus it's an excellent facial.

In my jean jacket my grandma gave me. This is my party wear; we're on our way to my cousin Celina's birthday party. I'm resting up for a night of revelling.

At the party with my other grandma. I have so many admirers! Parties are great for me, so many people to amuse! I love to work the crowd.

Still at the party, still working the crowd, I'm with my tehteh this time making everybody laugh.

No more pictures!! Please!!! They can have more next week. Bye for now!

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Last modified December 31, 2003 by Craig Burley.