Jay's Photos - Series 8

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I'm just learning to hold my cup and sip. Usually this ends up with a sticky and wet Jay.

Working on my centerfold poses. Note the soulful stare into the camera!

Mummy's asleep, Riley's asleep, Daddy has his camera, and I'm the center of attention!

I'm doing a good job learning to crawl. I mostly go backwards, though. It's easier to go that way.

Daddy took this candid of me when I was preoccupied looking at the cat.

I love books, they make a wonderful snack. I'm getting my teeth in, so I like to chew on everything. I have two bottom teeth now!

Got anything else to munch on?

I pinned daddy!

Distracted by something. I'll get back to you in a sec...

Comin' right at ya!

Well after all that picture-taking, I'm a little worn out. I think I'll take a nap.

Soaring through the air, my favourite thing to do with Daddy.

Having a laugh with Mummy and Daddy outside, it's a lovely September day and I have my surfin' gear on.

Hangin' ten on mummy's lap.

I'm watching the World Cycling Championships, and I'm only two blocks from my house!

Mummy and I are on our way to watch the Men's Road Race at the World Cycling Championships. I ordered shields down, because it's very windy!

Zoom! There go the cyclists. They take your breath away when they zoom by.

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