Jay's Photos - Series 11

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I'm at the park on a chilly November day. All bundled up! I look like a sack of something sweet.

Push me higher, Mummy! Higher! HIGHER! WHEEEEEEE!!!!!.

I'm going so fast now! You can tell now much I love the swings, too bad it's so cold now.

Time to come in and warm up with some lunch. If a certain somebody would just put the camera away, I could eat in peace!

Motoring around. Can't stop to chat, I have places to go... but you can have a smile, that's always available!

Excuse me, I think I see something on the floor I can stick in my mouth.

Oh, what a save by Jay! I'm practising my butterfly technique.

Daddy turned 31 last week, he had a birthday party, and he gave me a bow from one of his presents. It's still pretty early, I'm just waking up.

He also gave me some yellow wrapping paper. Paper is one of my favourite things, I love to crumple it, tear it, and feel it. I love turning pages and playing with books.

Daddy and I are having some fun in the morning after I got dressed. I had been sick for a while, but I'm all better now.

Daddy, please put down the camera and pick me up instead.

Who on earth is that handsome devil on the other side of the wall? Is that *me*? Boy, I'm cute.

The other baby is playing touch too!

Finally, a little flashback to April 20, 34 weeks ago today. I was one day old, and I was so small...

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