Jay's Photos - Series 13

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Ooh! My bubblegum! Yes, please, I would like that!

When Mummy and Daddy are changing me, I like to run and hide...

Ha ha! See? They will never catch me!!!!

Watching a little TV, stretching out my pointing finger, getting ready for some serious playtime.

My classic profile.

Me in profile again, only in overalls. This time Daddy's taking pictures while I'm trying to watch a video. Just be glad nobody finds you interesting when you're trying to watch TV.

Me and Daddy in a late-night hacking session. I always seem to have work to do on the computer! Daddy says he has work to do, but I remind him that my work takes precedence.

This secret smile is for my Nana, my grandmas, and my cousins. They will know what it means.

Hey, don't knock it until you try it! The patio door tastes surprisingly good. Anyway, I'm so kissable I can't help myself.

Toys, Daddy, Mummy, and standing practice. I don't need anything else.

Oh yeah, TV. I like that too, sometimes.

Happy day! It's the weekend, I have a new sweater, a big smile, and I'm about to have a digital camera too! In three seconds, I'll be chewing on the camera strap.

Hard at work again, on the computer. I may mash the keys, grab stuff off the table, throw the mouse, chew on the mousepad, and push the keyboard down the back of the desk, but I really do love this machine!

ROCK 'N' ROLL! I am perfecting my lead-singer look.

I'm ready for my closeup now, Mr. Director!

It's a lot of work putting together this webpage. Here I am again, burning the midnight oil. I hope you enjoyed my new pictures, please come and see me again soon!

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Last modified April 21, 2003 by Craig Burley.