Jay's Photos - Series 14

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My grandma Jane came in February to visit me, and we had a lot of fun together! My serious look in no way indicates my mood, I spent the whole time laughing!

Another picture with my grandma.

What part of me does this go on? Getting changed is hard.

OK, I'm through being changed! I'll just run around with my clothes half off instead.


I'm an expert on my maze toy now. I canget the blocks to go anywhere I want, and when I'm tired of it, I can throw it halfway across the room to boot!

To you, this just looks like a messy playroom. But I have everything exactly where I want it. I call it my Command Center for Playtime Operations.

No day for me is complete without reading a few books. I need to keep my knowledge base fresh!

See how tall I am!

Mind if I come in? Some inconsiderate person put a gate in my way. And I want that camera!

Everything looks different this way! I'm in my spacewalk training. I'll see you again soon, thanks for coming to visit!

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Last modified May 2, 2003 by Craig Burley.