Jay's Photos - Series 15

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It was my birthday on April 19! On April 18, we had a big, big, big, big party at our new house to celebrate my favourite person. Me!

I want to thank everyone for all their presents they sent, and for all the birthday wishes. This picture is me at my party with my two cousins, Brock and Celina, who I always have lots of fun with.

Chasing after a big blue ball, one of my birthday presents! Get back here!

Still at my party, and I'm grabbing for my spinning bee.

Here I am making my rounds of all my guests, crawling from one to another.

My birthday cake! Very nice and very tasty (Daddy says), though I didn't get to have any yet. Cake's not my thing; I'm more of a green beans and applesauce man. And sweet potatoes! I love my sweet potatoes. Mummy's trying to get me to eat table food, but I like the baby food too much to switch yet.

Anyway, isn't the cake nice? It was chocolate cake and white cake and the decorations were very pretty.

Here's what I don't understand. Mummy and Daddy went to all that trouble to get a nice cake, then before anyone got to eat any, they set it on fire!? That's weird.

Just me, enjoying the party. Do you like my Party Animal shirt? Mummy bought it for me, I think it looks cool.

Unfortunately, I had to change it later since we spilled something on it. When it came to partying, no one could stop me! Here my cousin Celina is holding me back, but I'm raring to go!

I know there's water in here, and I like to drink water, but how do I get it out?

OK, enough party photos. This one is me rearranging the kitchen furniture. Mummy and Daddy always leave the stools in the wrong place. This is a Sunday, and Mummy was baking cookies... you can see them on the stove.

By the way, I guess it's pretty obvious from this that I'm walking now. I can walk from one end of a room to the other, all on my own, but I'm still working out how to use this to do more damage to stuff.

Once I finished in the kitchen, I headed to the playroom to rearrange my toys. I like to keep all my favourites handy.

My main job, though, is as tupperware inspector. I like to examine each piece individually, especially the lids, to make sure it passes my stringent requirements for being thrown all over the kitchen floor. Safety first is my motto!

See you later! I have more stuff to do, so I have to run. Can you get the door? Come back soon!

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